Zonal Tax Campaign

Make Australia Great

20% Less Tax for Rural Australia


Australia’s regional communities are the backbone of Australia and didn’t deserve to be doing it so tough.

With 85% of Australia’s wealth coming from regional areas, it is a disgrace that people in the bush are losing out on the most basic, essential services because of city-centric governments that don’t care about them.

Regional Australia needs proper representation and the United Australia Party is committed to delivering the policies that give them the representation that they deserve such as a 20% tax break for people living more than 200km outside the state capitals.

The United Australia Party is a firm believer in decentralisation. We need more people in the bush. The rural parties who once represented rural peoples’ interests vanished a long time ago.

Zonal taxation previously existed under Liberal Governments in the 1960s and is constitutional under the Commonwealth laws.

The United Australia Party is sick and tired of politicians from the major parties putting regional Australia last.

Zonal taxation would provide an incentive to regional industries including farmers who form the back bone of Australia’s economy – it also has the potential to attract high-quality doctors and teachers to the region.

By providing tax breaks in areas that are disadvantaged or hurting, zonal taxation would stimulate population and economic growth in zonal areas, allowing these regions to decentralise and properly develop.

We need investment and jobs in order to develop our towns and communities. The time and opportunity is now.

The United Australia Party supports regional tax concessions to grow regional economies and make it easier for people to do business.

20% less tax can change lives and rural Australians deserve it.