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Why Australian manufacturing died

I have been concerned for a long time about globalisation and its damaging effects.

Every step we all need to support towards making Australia great requires that we must repair the damage caused by Labor and Liberal parties who in 1975 committed Australia to the United Nations Globalisation programme.

Globalisation has removed the greatness we had, and the potential we had to be a wealthy, prosperous country for our citizens. We had jobs aplenty and welcomed migrants to become ‘New Australians’. There was an excitement in Australia back then. Nation building was everywhere and every student could get the job they wanted and were trained for. I grew up in this exciting era of Australia’s history.

Globalisation occurred with full support from Labor and Liberals who enthusiastically transferred Australian industry and jobs to poorer countries. It was a deliberate plan that took away Australia’s greatness. I would say that few Australians knew what Globalisation was until it was too late to stop it.

Australia’s prosperity was drained and given to countries like China who became great as we sent them raw materials, our manufacturing and our prospects for the future. Every step taken in Labor and Liberals commitment to globalisation eroded Australia’s independence. We became an importer of goods we used to make. We lost industries and skills. We are reliant on importing fuel that in the event of a global emergency leaves us stranded, like a car on the side of a country road that ran out of fuel.

Our refineries were closed and we started importing fuel from Singapore.
The culprits in this were, and still are, our gullible leaders, starting with Labor’s Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975 and every PM since.

It took a while for the real damage to be felt. Labor and Liberals not only stole Australia’s prosperity, they stole our pride and independence, they made us borrow money as our successive Governments sold our country’s assets, as Labor and Liberal mortgaged Australia to our potential enemies. Labor and Liberal parties created unemployment and they made our breadwinners stand in dole queues at Centrelink.

Globalisation added stress to Aussie families as the breadwinner lost self-esteem and pressure was placed on the happiness and balance needed in families. I have witnessed this in my own community and have seen friends lose their jobs and become depressed.

No sporting team could ever be great if it transferred its best players to its competitors.

Labor and Liberal removed Australia’s potential to be great, and now it is your turn to decide if you want to open the doors to a reinvigorate period of change for the next 3 years.

At the May 18th election, instead of just punishing one of them, like we have all done for decades, punish both of them. Vote for a changing of the guard.

Australia can be great again, but it requires critical change. It requires you, the voter, to stop voting the same way you always have and to vote for your countries future. I hope you agree.