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United Australia NSW Senator secures $4.7m funding for hemp research

There is finally some good news for people in the Williamstown PFAS contamination zone. Recently my efforts to secure $4.7 million in Government funding for research, regarding using hemp to help neutralise PFAS ground contamination, were acknowledged by Dr Brett Turner of Newcastle University. This grant is a critical step in their important research programme and I thank the government for listening to my calls for help and providing this grant.

Hemp and marijuana both come from the same species of the cannabis plant. However, hemp is generally harvested from a subspecies of the Cannabis genus, which, unlike marijuana, has virtually no psychoactive properties.

Hemp is also credited with having some amazing therapeutic benefits for people with autism, for example.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle are discovering another exciting new application for hemp.

Led by Dr Brett Turner, amazing progress is being made in the application of hemp powder for its ability to absorb contamination from contaminated water and earth.

The removal of PFAS (a poly-fluoroalkyl substance) is an urgent priority for local residents. University of Newcastle researchers are especially dedicated to, and successful in discovering ways to use hempseed proteins in the treatment of water and soil contaminated with PFAS. Hemp may be the only solution to fixing this serious problem.

Assisting this research has been one of my pet projects in my first term as a Senator. Securing these funding grants for the remediation of ground contamination in the Williamstown area of NSW, and especially around the local RAAF base is only the first step and I hope that this treatment can be used in other areas of Australia that have been contaminated.