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They’re a weird mob

Many of you will remember the movie released in 1966 called ‘They’re a weird mob’. It was a comedy film about an Italian immigrant who came to Australia as a journalist and was expecting to start work with his cousin’s magazine. The magazine folded before he arrived.

It was written by Nino Cullotta and his book sold 74,000 copies. The film was a hit as Australians enjoyed having the mickey taken out of them. Cullotta’s amusing and funny observations about us were welcomed and we enjoyed his description of what a strange, irreverent bunch of people he thought Aussies are. It is after all what makes us so refreshingly different from other people around the world.

I’m getting to this point.

Australian’s have a larrikin, free spirited, informal culture and style. We resent unnecessary authority and it leads to a resistance of the changes being made for which we see no application to us. So many laws are made to suit minorities who have no sense of humor and who believe that laws must be made to protect their feelings and to suit their bland view of the world.

More especially, and this could be the real nerve that gets irritated by Government is that Australian adults do not want to be controlled and treated like they are children.

Australians do not want to be told they cannot make jokes or have and express their opinions. They don’t need to be controlled by minority group opinions because they are grown up now and the days of being pushed around for them are over. Their parents did it, teachers did it, then bosses did it.

Australian’s have developed a dislike for authority where it isn’t needed. After all we get thousands of rules from local councils, state Governments and Federal Governments, and we don’t understand why it is necessary.

Maybe we are a weird mob after all. I think we are a special very type of mob who are not controlled or programmed by a class system or the ceremony of other cultures – and we like it that way.