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Senator calls on NSW gov to sue 3M over PFAS

If 3M, a PFAS manufacturer has had to settle a lawsuit for $850 million for PFAS contamination, then why is our government not considering legal action also?

PFAS is the new ASBESTOS, yet the Australian Government and opposition will not take any responsibility.

It appears that they would rather let Australians rot and die!

I have written to the NSW Premier…

Dear Premier,

I write to you regarding the ongoing PFAS contamination at sites around NSW, particularly at Williamtown, Salt Ash and surrounds and the desperate plight of the residents living in those areas.

As you may be aware I put a motion to the Australian Senate on 15 August 2018 for PFAS to be banned nationally and for the Federal Government to immediately begin a voluntary buyback programme. (See enclosed) Unfortunately it was voted down by the Turnbull Government and the Labor Party.

In light of developments this year in the USA where the State of Minnesota settled a lawsuit with 3M for US $850 million and more recently the US State of New York announcing their legal action against 3M Co, will the NSW State Government also consider legal action against 3M co?

Please feel free to contact my office on 1300 498 639 or extension 02 6277 3197 in Parliament House if you or your office have any questions on this issue.

Yours faithfully,
Brian Burston
United Australia Party – Senator for NSW
Cc: NSW Attorney General – Mark Speakman


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