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Senator Burston leads on farming

I welcome reports that Woolworths and Coles are going to raise their milk prices to provide a fairer margin for our nation’s farmers. In the midst of drought and the fruit tampering crisis this is timely (if rare) good news for those who feed us.

I am though both complimented and appalled by this news.

I am appalled because I moved a motion in the Senate on 14th August 2018 which amongst other things called on Woolworths and Coles to increase the price of milk to their customers by 20 cents per litre for the full period of the impacts of drought on feed prices, and to pass the full price increase onto dairy farmers.

This motion was opposed by both the government and the opposition and it went to a division. The only Senators who supported the motion were Senators Anning (KAP), Georgiou (PHON), Patrick and Griff (CA); and to his credit Barry O’Sullivan (LNP). Those who opposed this motion should hang their heads in shame.

It is also as I have said a compliment. In these turbulent political times where leadership is confused, undermined, and changed as often as your engine oil; it would appear that industry is looking to me and the United Australia Party for leadership.

Well I accept that challenge, and if you want to see more policies and practises that support hard working Australians then I encourage you to vote 1 for the United Australia Party at the now imminent election. Together we can make Australia great.