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Senate forces Murray Darling Basin information to surface

The Murray Darling Basin Plan provides a way to protect and enhance the environment of our inland river systems, by working with farmers and regional communities to ensure the impacts for this reform are not borne solely by the people who live around the river systems. In a plan as complex as this, involving thousands of kilometres of river system across 4 states, it is crucial that the work and expenditure across all jurisdictions is scrutinised for the identified milestone achievements.

The mechanism used by State and the Commonwealth Governments to document this effort and accountability are called Inter Governmental Agreements (IGA) and the funding for the work is delivered through a contract called a National Partnership Agreement (NPA).

The Assessment of NSW efforts and compliance under the Funding contract is well overdue for the 2016/17 year.

Today, I was supported by my Senate colleagues in providing a Senate order for all documents relating to the delayed NSW assessment, to be made public by July 20th 2018, and I will provide more information on the problems that NSW has had with complying when the documents are provided.