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Royal Commission into aged care announced

Australia’s next Royal Commission will be into systemic abuse in our aged-care facilities. We have seen how the Royal Commission into the Financial Institution sector has revealed predatory lending by our banks, causing people’s lives to be ruined, but if that made your blood boil, then wait until aged-care is exposed. These horrific stories will bring a tear to your eye and have you ask yourself, ‘as human beings, how did we get here?’

Our prisoners and criminals are treated better than our elderly and most vulnerable, and it disgusts me. These people have worked hard during their lives and have paid their taxes – they do not deserve to be treated in any abusive manner.

Learning of the abuse of loved ones, also bears heavily on family members, many who have unwillingly had to put their loved ones into care. Families need to have confidence in their decisions and must have peace of mind that their relatives are being looked after adequately.

In the past financial year, it has been reported that there has been a 177% increase in serious risks to residents. There was also a 292% increase in the number of facilities that would not comply with rules.

The Royal Commission will look at the quality of home and residential care, including care provided to Australians with disabilities.

As the Parliament works on the terms of reference for the Royal Commission, I will continue to put information forward to the Senate and I will also be demanding that patient/nurse ratios are investigated.

While we applaud the Morrison Government for committing to this much needed Royal Commission, we must not forget all those who have lost their lives due to neglect, and their families.