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Rod Moore to walk 3km on bed of Lake Macquarie

WHEN Rod Moore walked 3km across the bottom of Lake Macquarie to raise money for charity in 1987, his biggest concerns were decompression complications, deep mud on the lake bed and dangerous soft spots.

On Friday, Mr Moore will attempt the feat again, but this time he, and the lake, are 30 years older. And a lot has changed.

“Lake Macquarie 30 years ago was heavily commercially fished, so there wasn’t many sharks in there,” he said. “Now it’s full of sharks, it’s alive.”

Things have changed for Mr Moore too. He was run over by a speedboat in Swansea Channel 19 years ago.

“I had to have a partial amputation and they had to reattach my foot,” he said.

Mr Moore said he had been overwhelmed with support so far. He contacted several local politicians seeking support, with One Nation Senator Brian Burston taking up the challenge immediately.

Source: Newcastle Herald

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