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PFAS meeting brings out Labor hypocrisy

We all know that Labor point the finger at the Liberals when in opposition and vice versa – it’s a never ending revolving door.

What Labor have failed to understand is that both major parties have been in government for the duration of the PFAS contamination and neither party have accomplished or announced setting up a voluntary buy-back scheme.

Yesterday, local Labor politicians quite rightly pointed the finger at the current Government for failing to act on the PFAS contamination however, Labor were in Government from 2007-2013. As reiterated yesterday at the inquiry held at Williamtown NSW, the Defence Department advised they notified Port Stephens Council in 2012 about the contamination when Labor was in Government, and according to a Four Corners report last year, it appears that Defence knew about the concerns with PFAS as far back as 1987.

Labor also voted against a voluntary buyback scheme in parliament last year and I spoke about this very issue in parliament earlier this year.



The Liberal/National Government has refused to support a voluntary buy-back scheme and I now call on Bill Shorten to announce where the Labor Party stands on a voluntary buybacks scheme, for the residents who are living in purgatory.

Both major political parties need to stop blaming each other and fix the situation, otherwise the United Australia Party will stand candidates that will.

Image source: The Border Mail