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NSW faces toughest drought in 110 years

Regional NSW is experiencing its worst drought in 110 years, with farmers now being forced to sell their breeding stock, just to survive. This is a serious concern as to date, 52% of this stock has been sold and it will take years to replenish. This could also see us have a food shortage in the near future, leaving a gap open for foreign food importation.

Whilst the New South Wales government has offered $50,000 loans to assist, we are now hearing stories of farmers still waiting months later to receive this help and with drought now not classed as a ‘natural disaster,’ it is even more difficult for people to get assistance. Farmers are saying that they do not need loans which will put them into more debt, but they need help with things such as freight subsidies and more market control.

When Parliament returns next month, I will be demanding that the federal government implement a common-sense plan and listen and act on the wishes of farmers, not bureaucrats who have never set foot on a farm in their life.

In the meantime and until both the state and federal governments work cohesively together, if you are in a position to offer support, here are some organisations that are looking for help:

Rural Aid Australia –
Drought Angels –
Lions Need for Feed –
Aussie Helpers –