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Newstart at 60? New Policy needed

A recent ABC article about those over 60 being reduced to receiving Newstart payments highlights a significant problem facing ageing Australians. Having 60 year old people on Newstart is ridiculous.

Notwithstanding that the amount has stagnated for years and is insufficient to support older Australians, the bigger problem is that employment is much more difficult to secure for those aged over 60.

Aside from age discrimination, expecting those who went through education and training 40-50 years ago to have skills suitable for employment in 2018 is crazy. Some do, but many haven’t had the opportunities to up-skill themselves whilst working full time and supporting their families.

Many 60+ Australians have worked their whole lives in physically demanding industries that they are no longer able do, either because their bodies won’t let them, or because these industries no longer exist..

A Labor government raised the pension age to 67, with Coalition support. The Coalition briefly entertained raising it to 70 before chucking a Uey when the PM realised it was electoral suicide.

We need to be realistic and reduce the pension age to 60, this is the policy of the United Australia Party.