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Clive Palmer’s election campaign was a huge win for Australia and loss for China

3 June 2019

Clive Palmer’s extensive election campaign revealed the dark threat of a Federal Labor Government.
UAP created the ‘Shifty Shorten’ characterisation of the Labor leader and reinforced the doubts many...

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They’re a weird mob

19 May 2019

Many of you will remember the movie released in 1966 called ‘They’re a weird mob’. It was a comedy film about an Italian immigrant who came to Australia as...

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Electric Cars

18 May 2019

Much is being said by Labor leader Bill Shorten about electric cars. He is driving a campaign in favour of the changeover from fossil fuelled vehicles to electric cars,...

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The Bill you’ve already paid for

17 May 2019

Bill Shorten is offering free dental health services in a $2.3 billion dollar promise when these services already exist in NSW.

Don’t be fooled by pea and thimble tricks from...

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Labor’s big spending plan for your money

15 May 2019

It presumes spending of money we don’t have, and likely may need to borrow as we mortgage Australia to foreign lenders.

It is about spending, not investing, and doesn’t identify...

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How globalisation has destroyed Australia

13 May 2019

In 1975 Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam enthusiastically committed Australia to long term destruction.
Whitlam’s commitment to what is known as ‘The Lima Declaration’ was one of the early...

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Back to the future

12 May 2019

This is the type of letter that I hope to never have to write, however I felt that it was important that it was written before it is too...

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Big Brother is here…in Darwin and run by Chinese tech

9 May 2019

I recently came across an article about a technological advance which has alarmed me.

The latest issue of technology magazine, ‘Technocracy,’ has revealed that Darwin is to become the trial...

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United Australia NSW Senator secures $4.7m funding for hemp research

5 May 2019

There is finally some good news for people in the Williamstown PFAS contamination zone. Recently my efforts to secure $4.7 million in Government funding for research, regarding using hemp to...

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Foreign aid or Australian aid?

4 May 2019

This is an issue that carries my deepest commitment. I have written about it many times but today I am motivated by anger at news that our Government is...

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Another lesson in global history that serves as a warning

30 April 2019

First of all, my heart goes out to the Sri Lankan people and our Sri Lankan community in Australia. I know that words will not stop your suffering, but...

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Why Australian manufacturing died

29 April 2019

I have been concerned for a long time about globalisation and its damaging effects.

Every step we all need to support towards making Australia great requires that we must repair...

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I support franking credits

26 April 2019


I am concerned with the possibility that 900,000 individuals and 200,000 super funds will suffer under possible franking credit changes. Around 50,000...

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Water privatised and sold to highest bidder

23 April 2019

Barnaby Joyce has come under fire for his role in a controversial $80 million water buy back deal. He claims he has nothing to hide; in fact he has...

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Protecting your property value

17 April 2019


The RBA has recently reported that housing prices could worsen and push borrowers into negative...

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Newstart at 60? New Policy needed

27 September 2018

A recent ABC article about those over 60 being reduced to receiving Newstart payments highlights a significant problem facing ageing Australians. Having 60 year old people on Newstart is...

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Sick of high fuel prices?

26 September 2018

After years of watching the petrol bowser spike, Australians have had enough and will be showing their disgust on October 26, with a National Fuel Strike where people are...

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ABC Board Sacks Michelle Guthrie

24 September 2018

The news that Michelle Guthrie has been sacked by the ABC Board once more brings to attention the relationship between the national broadcaster and how it informs and represents...

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Jobs for the Hunter: Will the Hunter help build the Hunter Frigates?

21 September 2018

Earlier this year, it was announced that $35 million would be spent to build nine new Frigates, called Hunter-Class.

They are being built by ASC Shipbuilding (owned by the Commonwealth),...

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Senator Burston leads on farming

20 September 2018

I welcome reports that Woolworths and Coles are going to raise their milk prices to provide a fairer margin for our nation’s farmers. In the midst of drought and...

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Hypocrisy around Aged Funding by the major parties is why voters are looking for an alternative

19 September 2018

LABOR and the COALITION are disingenuously wringing their hands over the recent revelations of the disgraceful standard of care currently being provided to our nation’s elderly. The truth is...

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Royal Commission into aged care announced

17 September 2018

Australia’s next Royal Commission will be into systemic abuse in our aged-care facilities. We have seen how the Royal Commission into the Financial Institution sector has revealed predatory lending...

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$3 million fraud racket at Villawood Detention Centre

16 September 2018

Last week, a Villawood Detention Centre detainee was charged by police for running a $3 million fraud racket, whilst imprisoned.

The crime syndicate was headed by a 43 year old...

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Lower power costs, more jobs – Energy Announcement

11 September 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (16:31): I rise to speak in support of the matter of public importance raised by Senator Bernardi. I speak as Senate leader...

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Aged Care Crisis: Where is the dignity?

11 September 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (18:04): I rise to speak on the Aged Care (Single Quality Framework) Reform Bill 2018. The recent debate on euthanasia in this...

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Is the Lib Wagga Wagga defeat just the start?

10 September 2018

Were you surprised that the Liberal Party was wiped out, in a humiliating defeat, at the Wagga Wagga by-election?

On Saturday, the people of Wagga Wagga sent a very clear...

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It’s time to curb immigration and ease population pressure

5 September 2018

UNITED Australia Party Senate Leader, Brian Burston, has declared immigration and Australian population numbers a key issue in the lead up to the next federal election.

With Australia’s population now...

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Senator calls on NSW gov to sue 3M over PFAS

28 August 2018

If 3M, a PFAS manufacturer has had to settle a lawsuit for $850 million for PFAS contamination, then why is our government not considering legal action also?

PFAS is the...

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Expanding the Cashless Debit Card Trials

28 August 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (10:37): My contribution will be brief today. I rise to speak on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card Trial Expansion) Bill 2018....

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Supporting our Veterans

21 August 2018

Clive Palmer and QNI Resources have announced a two-part donation for the Patriots Australia Military Motorcycle Club Townsville Chapter, starting with a $5,000 contribution towards the club’s annual Townsville...

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Why I support the Company Tax Cuts

20 August 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (12:36): I rise today to speak on the government’s Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan No. 2) Bill 2017. This bill seeks to amend...

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Euthanasia laws must have strong safeguards

20 August 2018

I support people’s right to Euthanasia, however the legislation must be carefully constructed, with strong safeguards, so as to not allow it to be misused.

It is true that I...

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MOTION: PFAS Voluntary Buybacks

15 August 2018

Both Liberal and Labor parties have in the past, voted against buybacks of property in the PFAS (Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) Contamination Red Zone, at Williamtown (NSW).

Through no fault...

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Senator Burston Calls For Increased Farmgate Milk Prices

9 August 2018

United Australia Party Senate Leader, Senator Brian Burston, has lodged a notice of motion in the Senate calling for an increase in milk prices of 20 cents per litre. All...

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UAP announce zonal tax policy

8 August 2018

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has announced a policy of zonal taxation to stimulate economic growth in rural areas.

Mr Palmer said regional communities were the...

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Barrier Reef charity gets $444 million grant – is something fishy?

3 August 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been accused of making a ‘fishy’ deal after giving $444 million to a small Great Barrier Reef charity, even though no environmental officials were...

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More action needed for struggling farmers: Clive Palmer

2 August 2018

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has called on all Australians to do more to help our struggling farmers.

“At this time of national crisis for our...

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Mainstream media further reports on toxic PFAS

1 August 2018

Yesterday, information regarding the effects of toxic PFAS chemical exposure on people’s health, was reported once again in the media.

This time, information was released where Airservices Australia tested 150...

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NSW to receive $500m drought assistance

30 July 2018

I welcome the $500 million drought relief package that has been announced today, by the NSW government. This brings the total Drought Assistance Package to $1.1 billion. Now, our...

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Aussie icon Dick Smith Foods, gone for good

26 July 2018

It is a sad, sad demise when Australia’s highest performing business people are forced to close their doors, due to foreign-owned companies flooding our supermarkets and shelves with their...

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PFAS meeting brings out Labor hypocrisy

25 July 2018

We all know that Labor point the finger at the Liberals when in opposition and vice versa – it’s a never ending revolving door.

What Labor have failed to understand...

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Do the Greens have blood on their hands?

19 July 2018

It is devastating to watch the loss of life that we are now seeing from the worst drought to hit NSW in 100 years. Towns have now completely run...

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NSW Libs break ranks and follow our lead on PFAS compo

18 July 2018

As a Hunter-based Senator, I have personally met with residents that ‘live’ in the so-called PFAS contaminated red zone, around the Williamtown RAAF base, and I have listened to...

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Visas being offered in Hunter Valley land grab

16 July 2018

As a former Deputy Mayor on the Cessnock Shire Council, I am appalled to hear that a property developer, Jiang Xiao from Profit Palace Group, is claiming to offer...

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Report highway rock throwing

16 July 2018

My office has received numerous calls and emails from people who are very concerned about rocks being thrown at travelling cars and trucks. The impact of the smallest rock...

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Imported frozen food risks our health again

10 July 2018

Australians, once again, have had their health jeopardised by imported frozen food (from Europe), with reports surfacing that products could potentially be contaminated by the deadly LISTERIA bacteria.   The...

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A United kick puts Agriculture Minister into swift action

9 July 2018

New South Wales is facing it’s toughest drought in 110 years and last week, I called out the failings of The Nationals, a party we have realised are just...

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NSW faces toughest drought in 110 years

6 July 2018

Regional NSW is experiencing its worst drought in 110 years, with farmers now being forced to sell their breeding stock, just to survive. This is a serious concern as...

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Senate forces Murray Darling Basin information to surface

28 June 2018

The Murray Darling Basin Plan provides a way to protect and enhance the environment of our inland river systems, by working with farmers and regional communities to ensure the...

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Water Amendment Bill Senate Speech

26 June 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (13:52): I rise to speak on the Water Amendment Bill 2018. This bill allows a previously disallowed northern basin instrument to be returned without...

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United Australia Party delivers $144 billion in tax cuts for all Australians

21 June 2018

The United Australia Party (UAP) has delivered $144 billion in tax cuts for all Australians with Senate leader Brian Burston voting in favour of the Government’s plan today.

Senator Burston...

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Senator Brian Burston announces resignation from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party

14 June 2018

Senator Brian Burston announces resignation from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party Senator Burston has announced today that he is resigning from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON) Party.

“It is with...

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Heavy vehicle road safety

16 May 2018

Yesterday i met with Robert Ireland an owner operator of Ireland Bulk Haulage to discuss the number of deaths on our road involving heavy vehicles. He raised his concerns...

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BUDGET – PFAS contamination, NSW infrastructure

9 May 2018

Senator Brian Burston-Senator for NSW

9 May 2018

Senator Burston is disappointed with the federal government’s budget particularly regarding the PFAS contamination.

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Albany – ANZAC DAY 2018

22 April 2018

Over the last week, Senator Peter Georgiou, WA One Nation leader Colin Tincknell and I travelled to Albany to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War...

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An Interview with Senator Brian Burston

20 April 2018

Brian is a passionate Australian who cares deeply for Australian traditions and the safety of this great nation of ours.

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SPEECH: Defence Facilities – Chemical Contamination

12 February 2018

Senator BURSTON (New South Wales) (15:47): I rise today to discuss the need to remediate water supplies contaminated by the long-term use of firefighting foams containing perfluorinated chemicals, PFAS,...

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Rod Moore to walk 3km on bed of Lake Macquarie

6 October 2017

WHEN Rod Moore walked 3km across the bottom of Lake Macquarie to raise money for charity in 1987, his biggest concerns were decompression complications, deep mud on the lake...

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Greens, One Nation motion for buybacks in Williamtown red zone defeated in the Senate

7 September 2017

A MOTION for the Turnbull government to begin the process of a voluntary buyout in Williamtown’s ‘red zone’ is dead in the water, after it was blocked in the Senate...

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Hunter One Nation Senator Brian Burston defends parliamentary burqa stunt

19 August 2017

HUNTER Senator Brian Burston has defended his part in One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s parliamentary burqa stunt on Thursday, saying: “I could have been involved in a terrorist plot...

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Media law reform hit by anti-vax comments

17 August 2017

The Federal Government’s media law reform passage looks set to win the numbers in the Senate, despite a last-minute fight over anti-vaccination campaigners threatening to derail the...

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ABC to face inquiry and be forced to disclose staff salaries under One Nation media reform deal

15 August 2017

Big-name stars such as Tony Jones and Leigh Sales would have their salaries revealed to the public and the ABC may be restricted from competing with commercial rivals under a...

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Hunter One Nation MP turns union campaign attack on to major parties

2 August 2017

HUNTER One Nation Senator Brian Burston has dismissed a targeted union attack against him over apprenticeships as “Labor politics”, and warned of Senate disruption if the federal government does not...

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Cabbage Tree Road cancer figures ‘mind-boggling’

10 July 2017

ONE NATION senator Brian Burston has warned he will consider withdrawing support for some of the federal government’s budget measures in the Senate, unless it moves to urgently fund...

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Network Ten Redundancies: “There’ll Be A Rush For The Exits”

16 June 2017

“Politicians have been warned of the dire consequences if media laws aren’t changed, and yesterday those predictions were proven correct. It’s now more important than ever that you make...

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One Nation’s Brian Burston threatens budget bills unless ABC funds are slashed

31 May 2017

ONE Nation has declared that it will oppose almost all Coalition bills unless it slashes funding to the ABC.

The Australian reports One Nation party whip Brian Burston as saying...

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Senators shown inland rail alternative

11 May 2017

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to question the Federal Government’s plans to have an inland rail freight network bypass some of the largest food producing areas in...

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