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More action needed for struggling farmers: Clive Palmer

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has called on all Australians to do more to help our struggling farmers.

“At this time of national crisis for our rural community, all Australians must do more to help,” Mr Palmer said.

“If our rural sector is destroyed by drought, steps need to be taken to ensure all our properties will not be devoured by a foreign power.”

“Now is the time for the government and the community to act decisively to provide emergency relief to farmers experiencing unprecedented drought.”

Mr Palmer said he had been in discussions this week with the party’s senate leader Brian Burston and steps were being taken to see what practical assistance could be undertaken.

Mr Palmer said he supported Senator Burston’s demand that the government did more however it was a problem the whole country had to face.

“We have to unite the whole country to protect and defend our fellow Australians in time of need,” Mr Palmer said.