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Labor’s big spending plan for your money

It presumes spending of money we don’t have, and likely may need to borrow as we mortgage Australia to foreign lenders.

It is about spending, not investing, and doesn’t identify how Labor will invest in Australia so the tax office can reap the harvest of future high tech 21st Century investment.

A Government must invest in its future prosperity and the entrepreneurs who create ideas, industries, business, trade, jobs and income from where none previously existed. We live in a high-tech world where future jobs are not yet created. New industries are not being considered for funding in Shorten’s budget. New industries take time to grow before they start earning and delivering taxable income.

Maybe Labor know this, and it could explain why they have their eyes on inheritance taxes – a wonderful socialist idea for the theft of the assets of a lifetime of the hard work of every family in Australia.

Why do voters keep falling for the huge promises that will cover future terms of government that may well never be in Labor’s control nor for which they will be responsibly judged?

Where are the jobs in Labor’s budget?

How can voters be encouraged to vote for a Labor Government that has based its policies on stealing voters assets?

Bill Shortens biggest problem now is that Labor is promising

  • Big taxes
  • Big spending
  • Big borrowing.

Voters are not stupid. Is that how you conduct your own family’s budget and financial planning?

Even Labor voters must know that the money must come from somewhere and everyone will fall victim to the Labor inheritance taxes of 40%.

The people who want jobs will look at this and ask where are the jobs being created from all of this spending? No jobs equals no income tax.

It is easy to promise to spend other people’s money. The belief which is long established Labor policy is to promise the mugs anything to get them to nod in agreement, but irresponsible spending is a serious issue that will destroy Australia’s future ability to cling to its eroding prosperity. We must re-invest in Australia’s future growth as a Nation and keep investing in its essential infrastructure to meet an increasing population and other areas of Nation building.

Every single promise Bill Shorten makes is going to come out of increasing taxes and YOU will be paying for them.

The short list of the Labor spendathon pea and thimble illusion is:

  • An increase of $154,000,000,000 (billion) in additional revenue.
  • The word ‘billion’ slips too easily from the tongue to be appreciated for how big it is. A billion is 1,000 million. Bill wants voters to accept that he will spend $154,000,000,000 over 10 years. That is $15,400,000,000 each year. $1,280,000,000 million every month.
  • It will all be spent it seems on non-income earning projects. No mention of Nation building projects. Health and education are predictably big winners and they are also huge and expensive non income producing items.
  • So, if you thought our current taxation was impeding the quality of your life, just imagine how much worse it will be when the $426 million a day hits our economy.
  • A republic is on the Labor agenda. Labor want to give up Australia’s sovereignty and let the United Nations manage our country.
  • Greater immigration is another expensive cost item in the Labor plan. It is of course a strategy to import people who are likely to vote Labor. It will add to the strain on our housing, education, health and Centrelink resources. When Australia is bankrupted the countries who want our massive resource rich nation will take over.
  • Where is there any mention of building Australia’s security and independence? Drilling and pumping oil for Australian consumption? Increasing our defence capability.
  • Refugees are also likely to be winners if Labor take Government.
  • A huge increase in foreign aid lies ahead with Labor. Expected to be between $60 billion and $82 billion over the next 10 years. That’s a massive increase when Australia’s farmers need assistance and water supply. No mention of aid for Australia’s food producers who have had a horrific drought affected year with empty rivers running past their properties.
  • What might have Labor left out of their plan for the destruction of Australia?

Is there comfort in knowing that 2 of the 3 people who have given Shorten’s tax grab the thumbs up are likely to contain Labor DNA? The third, a University Professor has an interesting history of involvement with business.