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Hypocrisy around Aged Funding by the major parties is why voters are looking for an alternative

LABOR and the COALITION are disingenuously wringing their hands over the recent revelations of the disgraceful standard of care currently being provided to our nation’s elderly. The truth is that successive LABOR and COALITION governments have tightened the Aged Care Funding Instrument over the years. They claim to have made savings in the ACFI in order to divert funds to home care packages and to provide more funding for regional aged care providers.

Watching the Four Corners programme it appears that some Aged Care Companies were both falsifying documents to get more funding via the ACFI, and not spending that extra funding on the patients.

I would like to see proof that the savings made in the ACFI were ALL diverted to other Aged Care Programs, this seems to be a grey and murky area to me.

What is crystal clear at the moment is that the key measure that will tackle this disgraceful neglect of our elderly is the application of staff to resident ratios. Neither LABOR nor the COALTION support staff ratios which is clearly necessary to provide quality of care for our elderly.

Again, I call on the Government to include staff ratios in the terms of reference for the Royal Commission. The United Australia Party believes that our elderly population should be honoured, not harmed.