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How globalisation has destroyed Australia

In 1975 Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam enthusiastically committed Australia to long term destruction.
Whitlam’s commitment to what is known as ‘The Lima Declaration’ was one of the early signals that the United Nations had become the defacto government of Australia.

We never voted for it, nor were we told. It happened. Astonishing that a Labor party leader would treacherously commit to long term unemployment for its members and supporters.

The Lima Declaration arrived under the guise of ‘Globalisation’. Not a name that registered with voters for its objective which was to transfer Australian industry and jobs to poorer, overpopulated countries.
It was the beginning of the world becoming a socialist state with a shift in global wealth and leadership to China.
China, as it has played out, has become the principal beneficiary of Globalisation as China manufacturers the products we used to make here.

China is also likely to be Australia’s primary enemy in the event of war breaking out between China and the West. It is China’s prosperity, wealth and strength created by Globalisation that has allowed China to grow strong. Their military, air and naval forces are now huge. Their strength became our weakness.

Our naïve leaders also allow Australia to be sold to China a slice at a time so China’s accumulated ownership of Ports, property, farming land and businesses also became a threat to our independence, sovereignty and defence. We can’t buy any of China’s vital organs because unlike ours, Chinese leaders are smart, and they protect their sovereignty, prosperity and independence while our leaders abandon ours.

The Liberal Party are not innocent. They have committed to globalisation and encouraged it to grow. Just like medication, Globalisation has side effects.

Loss of jobs has led to social pressures, family breakdowns, divorces, suicides, bankruptcies and the loss of individual self-esteem and confidence for our unemployed as breadwinners who stand in Centrelink queues looking for jobs that are not there. Our ability to regenerate our original independence and prosperity is much harder because we are now weaker. Our entrepreneurs cannot easily access money from banks to innovate and create new businesses and jobs.

Adding to the consequences of globalisation is online trading and its obvious side effects in the form of empty shops in our largest shopping Malls. Our country is struggling, and our Governments over the years are responsible. They have not managed Australia well and acted as they should have to protect your families and your prosperity. They do not deserve your vote because they have repeatedly failed us as a Nation.