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Do the Greens have blood on their hands?

It is devastating to watch the loss of life that we are now seeing from the worst drought to hit NSW in 100 years. Towns have now completely run out of water.

Families have been feeding their stock before themselves, in order to maintain an income through stock sales, but due to the lack of rain, now we are witnessing animals abandoning their young because no milk is being produced. That combined with the recent cold snap, has seen a large loss of stock and I worry that further lives will be lost as farmers give up hope.

When politicians sit in Parliament, with no vision or understanding of how to prepare for the tough times ahead, it is inevitable that when disaster strikes, we will not be ready. This drought is the perfect example of this and it remains to be seen, when will politicians work together to put a stop to this happening again?

Australia has always had weather extremes. We will go from floods to severe drought and due to this, I have always advocated for better water management by our governments and the building of more dams.

We unfortunately have feel-good environmentalists, known as THE GREENS, who hold several seats in Parliament and therefore the power to make significant change for the better, but how will this happen when they contradict their own policy.

A quick look on The Greens website, under their ‘Water and Inland Aquatic Environments’ policy shows that they believe that…

“Access to clean and adequate water is fundamental to life.”

However they go on to say that they want…

“a permanent prohibition on new large-scale dams on Australian rivers.”

Water is needed for life and in a country like Australia, dams are needed for water!


Image source: The Guardian