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Clive Palmer’s election campaign was a huge win for Australia and loss for China

Clive Palmer’s extensive election campaign revealed the dark threat of a Federal Labor Government.
UAP created the ‘Shifty Shorten’ characterisation of the Labor leader and reinforced the doubts many voters had about Labor’s integrity.

Clive Palmer spent record amounts of his money which directly assisted the LNP to take office and we avoided the risk of a Labor socialist agenda infecting the way of life for Australians. Labor’s disastrous high taxing policies would have destroyed our country’s economy and Labor’s record of being too close to China caused nervousness to our future security.
The Labor/China point was repeatedly made in UAP television advertising and it was a factor that contributed to delivering voter suspicions and a voter swing to the LNP.

Don’t be too quick to deride Clive.

Without Clive and the elation we enjoyed after vote counting, we would have been facing post-election Labor induced depression, and the prospect of our beloved country becoming a socialist backwater – even more reliant on foreign powers for loans and favours.

A section of our community who experienced a change in the wind, post LNP victory, was the real estate industry. Several agents and agencies have said that there was an immediate boost of confidence in the market, with many receiving phone calls from people wanting to buy property, on the Monday after the election.

So, we must keep things in perspective and be grateful for the result. It was a win for the conservatives and those who believed we needed a well-managed economy, and Clive Palmer’s heavy messaging greatly assisted that swing.

Our media are revealing that China is on the move in the nearby Pacific Islands and also expanding their presence in the Northern oceans near Taiwan and the Philippines where they are building a string of Islands for military purposes. They are reaching South.

China have also been steadily acquiring Australian land and seaports and now they have a large airstrip built under our noses in the remote Pilbara. Who would have known this without Clive’s advertising. We need to be alarmed that the WA Labor Government allowed it.

Even more concerning is that the Western Australian Labor Government are far too closely linked with Chinese interests.
If corruption at any level has been involved between Labor and China, how would we know? Their regular meetings pass for trade discussions. We certainly know that selling seaports and allowing fully Chinese owned airports, one in the top of WA and the second airport nearer to Perth are not good signs and cannot be said to be in Australia’s interests. Don’t be complacent.

Any foreign Government that is not part of a defence alliance with Australia and is allowed to build airstrips on Australian soil is an astonishing display of a security risk and should be of concern to our defence chiefs.

Australia’s voters did not vote for UAP in big numbers and perhaps they didn’t really understand the huge risks associated with a Labor Government, but Clive Palmer did. He invested heavily in educating voters about the risk of Chinese owned companies building airstrips and buying Australia’s seaports.

I express my gratitude for Clive’s commitment to our country. It was a huge win for our security.

– Brian Burston