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BUDGET – PFAS contamination, NSW infrastructure

Senator Brian Burston-Senator for NSW

9 May 2018

Senator Burston is disappointed with the federal government’s budget particularly regarding the PFAS contamination.

“While the $71.3 million is a step in the right direction, it is a drop in the ocean compared to what the residents need.” Senator Burston said.

The government also released the so called independent report regarding the health effects of PFAS and the government announcing there will be no voluntary property acquisitions.

“The governments so called independent report, what a joke.” Senator Burston exclaimed.

Senator Burston agreed with Salt Ash resident Nick Marshall, who lives five kilometers from the Williamtown base in NSW, who said in an ABC news article that the expert health panel’s report was ‘a farce’ and it’s just another disappointment for the residents in the area. Now we’ve got to continue fighting to get the right medical monitoring.

“I will continue fighting for the affected residents” Senator Burston said, “PHON will continue pressuring the government and the Labor opposition to support voluntary acquisitions and compensation.

Senator Burston supports the governments funding announcing for the Coffs Harbour bypass.

“I met with the mayor of Coffs Harbour Denise Knight last year and this was raised as one of the top issues for the Coffs Harbour region.”

“I am disappointed however that there was no funding announced for the Glendale interchange and will continue lobbying the government for this important infrastructure project for the Hunter Region.”