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Big Brother is here…in Darwin and run by Chinese tech

I recently came across an article about a technological advance which has alarmed me.

The latest issue of technology magazine, ‘Technocracy,’ has revealed that Darwin is to become the trial and test bed region for spying on Australia’s citizens. All inspired by China. So do you still want one of those Chinese branded smart phones? Read this and rethink.

Every move Darwin smart phone users make, when they connect to the internet and search engines, will be gathered, and each citizen using a smart phone will be ‘rated’ for whatever dubious reason the government has for needing to invade their privacy and lives.

The Big Brother threat has been growing for years but now that almost every citizen has a smart phone, the Government has the means to collect the information they need to monitor where you are, where you have been, who you talk to, what you search on Google, what you buy and pay for and every other aspect of your lives that registers on your internet activity.

This may not immediately bother law abiding people, but I do question how this data will be used in the future. Will this be used to ‘rate’ you for employment, your financials, your friends, borrowing to buy a house or a car, or one day will it determine what permissions might be given for travel or having children? Who knows where such a daily monitoring of your life can end.

You can also thank the Australian Government, the one you voted for, for allowing another huge intrusion and loss of your privacy as they collect information which they can use to have more control over your daily life. They have stolen your right to free speech, now they want it all.

This article below is well worth the read.