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Back to the future

This is the type of letter that I hope to never have to write, however I felt that it was important that it was written before it is too late for our country, Australia.

We are losing our freedoms and rights, thanks to the two parties who just take it in turn to govern. Things must change and people must wake up.

Looking back at the change we didn’t need…….

It is now 2029, and 10 years ago I campaigned from my Senate seat for a change of Government, a Government that was not one of the so-called ’two-party’ preferred.

I remember the threat of social and sovereignty changes we tried so hard to prevent in the 2019 Federal election. Today they are a distant memory as the country I love was hi-jacked by a change we now bitterly resent.

In 2019 I advocated strongly for a change of the 2 Government system that had kept the Labor and Liberal party’s in control of Australia for decades before that May 18th 2019 election.

Many of us were very afraid of the changes that might result from the voters continuing to re-elect either of them to government. People were voting from habit rather than from considering if their votes would lead to positive Nation rebuilding change for our beloved country. People were voting for the ‘best’ out of a ‘bad bunch’ as they would say.

Younger voters may not remember the issues of that time, but we had for decades had a system of the Labor and Liberal Party’s losing office as voters punished them for their poor management of the country. We traditionally kicked one out to make way for the other on a monotonous basis as if doing so would lead to better Government and a solution to the problems we faced. It never did.

The lack of foresight of the Labor and Liberal Party’s and their failure to see how their policies would impact on voters in future years was obvious to about a third of Australian voters, but for many, voting was habitual and they voted the same way at elections no matter what the outcome.

Many were driven by self-interest having lost their jobs years ago and holding no hope of ever getting paid employment again. The best hope for them was to vote for the party that would deliver survival income in the form of social welfare, the Labor Party.

They voted for the party they thought would be more generous with money and benefits, without considering the huge debt that would mean for Australia, rather than a party that could rebuild Australia, create more jobs and restore their hopes, confidence and their self-esteem.

Now, in 2029 those two failed political parties no longer exist as they became redundant when the New World Order (a long planned revolution by the United Nations) took control of Australia.

There have been riots and massive demonstrations by the older aged voters who had lived through 73 years of peace since World War Two. The seniors as we called them, resented the abandonment of our sovereignty. Too many Australian soldiers had fought and died for our freedom in that terrible world war. The party’s they had once trusted had slowly sold them out and the number of social welfare dependent voters had taken us to a point of no return. Voters, who had been millennials at the time, and thought they were doing the social right thing by advocating for unvetted refugees to enter our shores, now are scratching their heads wondering where it all went wrong. After all, they invited these people in out of love for their fellow humans. With age, they now have taken off the rose-coloured glasses.

The cries for wind turbines and an end to coal have slowly disappeared as people have realised that the billions of dollars, paid for by their taxes, did little to stop climate change, in fact, there has been no spike in temperature. And to think of all those Australian jobs and industries that were lost, in the name of stopping climate change. We now have record homelessness.

The media had assisted this alarming change by encouraging voters in 2019 to vote for retention of the failed 2 party system, a move that disenfranchised almost a third of the voters. The dreaded step of making Australia a Republic would take us rapidly to becoming a satellite colony of the New World Order. The economic and social changes were alarming.

I lived through this change and it hasn’t delivered what anyone wanted or expected.

Australia’s subservience to the United Nations has lowered our standard of living and immigrants enter in huge numbers to strain our resources and ability to create jobs, build dams, living accommodation, schools and hospitals that can cope with the demands of doubling Australia’s population in such a short period of time. Australia is now the 3rd world country it should not have been.

The Labor and Liberal party’s had been showing a willingness for 44 years to accept Australia’s future as being a member of a New World Order.

We have now lost our rights to have an opinion and to express it, we are micro chipped and every communication we make is harvested by computers and assessed as we are rated for our behaviour and thoughts. It could have been different. It should never have passed that point of no return back in 2019.


Brian Burston