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Aussie icon Dick Smith Foods, gone for good

It is a sad, sad demise when Australia’s highest performing business people are forced to close their doors, due to foreign-owned companies flooding our supermarkets and shelves with their products.

Today, much-loved Aussie icon, Dick Smith, has announced that he is unable to keep Dick Smith Foods running, blaming German supermarket giant, Aldi, for forcing him out of business.

Not only will this affect those of us who love Dick’s jams, spreads and cereal, but it will also impact heavily on the charities that rely on his company’s generous donations – $10 million given over the past 19 years!

Mr Smith has called for tariffs to protect Australian farmers and producers and conceded that although a tariff was effectively a tax on consumers, it would ensure that people’s children and grandchildren will have a job saying, “I agree it’s a tax, but otherwise our young people will all be selling coffee to each other.”

I acknowledge that Australian consumers want the best price when they go to the checkout and over the years, government policy, the relaxing of tariffs and trade deals have allowed imported products to sit on our shelves, at a lower cost than Australian-made ones.

Buying imported goods because they are cheaper, have come at a huge loss to this nation – it has cost us business, jobs, taxes and our manufacturing industry.

What price do you put on the death of Australia?

I call on Parliamentarians on all sides to wake up and work together to protect Australian enterprise.