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Another lesson in global history that serves as a warning

First of all, my heart goes out to the Sri Lankan people and our Sri Lankan community in Australia. I know that words will not stop your suffering, but please know that many Australians are thinking of you in your time of grief.

We must all consider the shocking disaster affecting the people of Sri Lanka. Now, it has been counted that now at least 253 people have died with hundreds more injured and the Sri Lankan government has put a ban on all face coverings due to security concerns. I too have called on the Australian government to ban full-face coverings, on these grounds.

A form of guerrilla warfare, based upon horrific terrorist activity, is being waged upon innocent civilians, across the world.

Mentally unstable, hate-driven attacks perpetrated not by recognisable armies but by people who pass you in the street without any suggestion of their evil, and horrific intent.

Families are being devastated by the loss of their loved ones as angry, frustrated and insane activists make their political statements in a manner that shock all civilised societies.

These terrorists, who appear as our neighbours and blend into communities as ‘locals’ mask the evil extent of their beliefs and depth of their insanity which is only revealed when they are exposed – many as being suicide bombers, taking their own lives.

There is no honour in such terror and barbaric behaviour which is felt by peaceful, civilised members of society. I condemn all terrorists – they are criminals who set out to stop people all over the world, living a safe a peaceful life.

So far Australia has been spared large scale mayhem of this type but seeing it happen elsewhere is a warning that our Governments must remain vigilant and recognise where the seeds of such barbarism are coming from and take harsh and strong steps to prevent similar disasters occurring in our peaceful country.

It is a government’s job and responsibility to look after its people and I will always support strong border protection and thorough screening of new migrants and refugees because I care for my fellow Australians and it is my job to make sure they stay safe – a job as a Senator that I take very seriously.