Meet the Senator

Senator Brian Burston


Cessnock NSW 1948 (70 years young)

Marital Status:


Senator for NSW

Previous Work Experience

  • Dip. T. (Sydney Teachers College).
  • Assoc. Dip. Structural Engineering (Sydney TAFE).
  • Apprentice Boilermaker, 1963-68.
  • Boilermaker, 1968-70.
  • Draftsman (trainee), 1971-73.
  • Design Draftsman, 1973-78.
  • Teacher of Engineering Drawing, 1978-82.
  • Lecturer, Teacher Education, 1982-87.
  • Architectural building design consultant, 1987-2016.

Government Experience

  • Councillor, Cessnock City Council, 1987-99.
  • Deputy Mayor, Cessnock City Council, 1997.
  • Parliamentary Advisor and Research Officer in the NSW Parliament for nearly 3 years.
  • Senate Select: Red Tape Committee from 9.11.16; Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival
  • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party Whip from 1.9.16.
Independent Senator for New South Wales


About Brian

Brian is a passionate Australian who cares deeply for Australian traditions and the safety of this great nation of ours. Elected in 2016, he is well respected within the Senate and greater political community, known for sticking to his word and being thorough and wise in his decision process. Described by some as “a man of few words”, Brian is thoughtful, logical and concise when making his point or delivering a speech and carries out his service with heart, being a family man and grandfather.

Brian’s political life started in 1987 when he was elected to the Cessnock City Council, becoming Deputy Mayor in 1997. He also served in NSW State Parliament as a research officer. He was a former National Director of One Nation and was active in that party since its beginning, before entering the Senate as a One Nation member, before joining the United Australia Party after party leader, Senator Hanson, wanted him to back down on a promise to support the company tax cuts, which would benefit the Australian business community greatly.

From humble beginnings, Brian was born and grew up in the Hunter Region of New South Wales and started an apprenticeship as a boilermaker with BHP at the age of 15. He has taught at TAFE NSW, trained TAFE teachers at Newcastle University and worked as a contract draftsman. He was also employed at the former Newcastle Teachers College.

Brian is passionate about education through apprenticeships, keeping jobs in Australia, limiting foreign ownership, border security, media reform, business and upholding our national identity. He has worked tirelessly during his time in the senate on these issues and will continue his work, now under the United Australia Party banner.

Another of Brian’s driving passions is to assist veterans by pursuing their full recognition of service and the support they deserve for the sacrifices they made for our country.

Please visit Brian’s website which integrates social media feeds so that the hard work and reforms he and the party are working on can be followed by the people of NSW and Australia.

Fun Fact

Brian was born as an identical twin.